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Bread and Trend in the Industry

posted Oct 8, 2011, 12:00 AM by Puneet Goyal
Saturday, October 08, 2011 08:00 IST
Razi Ahmed

White Bread is known as Bread in last two decades worldwide. In the white Bread concept of Quality is White Crumb, Close Texture (Velvet) and Soft (Squeeze test). To get the desired quality the Flour (Wheat Flour) need to be extra refined, elimination of everything from Wheat other than Starch, Proteins and Water. The germ, bran, husk and fibre which contain most nutritive parts (minerals, fibre and Vitamin B- Complex) of Wheat are eliminated to get the desired refined stuff. The nutritive parts which were eliminated goes to Cattle Feed (Specially Chicken Feed). How intelligent a man is who eats non-nutritive parts or rather stuff not good for human health and better part of food goes to less important application? Fibre in human food is necessary for digestion and for bowl movement. With growing awareness about Food and health consciousness in society human being started looking for nutritive part and healthier food option. With growing awareness for healthy foods GRAIN Breads option become reality and market start demanding for different options , Whole Wheat Bread, Multi Grain Bread, Four Seed Bread , Rye Bread and so on. Whole Wheat Bread is in demand in market but authenticity is question mark. Genuineness of Product and reliability of Brand is what a customer looks for and the company who are able to meet the customer expectation are enjoying the fruit.

Future market in Baking Industry trend is Health Food and most of Ingredient suppliers are providing solution to customers in Baking Industry based on trend and market requirement. There are ranges of Health Breads which some of high end customers in India have started in their product range.

In India most of Bread contains POTASSIUM BROMATE which is Carcinogenic (Cancer Causing) though permitted by Indian Food regulation (Banned in most of the countries in world) again the market is looking for BROMATE FREE Bread which seems to be reality in near future.

Similarly most of Indian BISCUITS contain Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite (SMBS) which is again Carcinogenic but permitted by Indian Food Regulation. Because of the SMBS contain Indian Biscuits do not have acceptance in International market.

This is responsibility of Industry to provide healthy option to citizen of India though it is Bread, Biscuits or any other food option. Professionals and Institutions are working on these issue and let us hope better and healthy future.

Good Luck and Good Health to All.
(The author is a professional at Bakels Pvt Ltd as NSM (National Sales Manager) and can be contacted at ph no- 9322129650)