Corporate Social Responsibility

        CRF Mills has always believed in giving back to the community and people and has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility attached to its operations and thinking. The magnanimous and caring thinking and attitude of the top management has influenced the thinking of all the staff and workers.
        CRF Mills has never ignored its connection to nature
 since the very raw material that is used is wheat. Thus, its foray into renewable energy generation and green energy was
inevitable to protect the environment and play its part in the efforts to have a greener and cleaner planet for the future. The wind energy generated by the windmills owned by CRF Mills is used to run the food processing unit thus creating a green footprint right from the beginning.
        From providing free food, boarding and lodging for any poor worker in need to periodically donating flour to temples and trusts for free distribution, CRF Mills has created a very strong image for itself in the society.

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